Fruity Guacamole with Chilli, Coriander and Lime

Fruity Guacamole with Chilli, Coriander and Lime

A lovely, refreshing one bowl dish, for dip or spread on crisps, veggie sticks or whatever you enjoy. Perfect for those with low Vitamin C levels, as this dip will really elevate your vitamin intake. The avocado in this dish goes in at the last minute, to maintain its texture and prevent discolouration.


Serves:          4-6

Prep Time:   15 – 20 mins

Cook time:    No cooking!



  • 2 avocados, diced or mashed, your preference
  • 60g red onions (probably about ¾ of one) finely chopped
  • 1 large ripe mango, cut into cubes
  • 300g fresh strawberries, hulled and cut in quarters
  • ¼ bunch of coriander, chopped finely
  • 1½tbsp fresh lime juice
  • Sea salt to season, if required
  • About 1tsp of sweet chilli sauce, if required, or sriracha sauce



  1. Follow cutting up instructions as laid out in the ingredients.

  2. You can use the bowl you would mix in, and then transfer to a decorative bowl or tub, whatever works with you.

  3. Mix the prepared fruit and chilli sauce together. Scatter some coriander through the mix, stirring well to ensure its all mixed together thoroughly.

  4. Finally, put the cubed avocado, the coriander into the bowl and mix together.

  5. Squeeze a teaspoon of the sweet chili sauce over your meal and enjoy.